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Ammco 4100B

The 4100B expands on the 4000B, initially introduced four decades ago. Since then, it has been the primary choice for brake technicians who manage a large quantity of medium-duty trucks. And for good reason. It's simple. It's fast. It's very precise. The speed control allows technicians to fit in more customers each day without loss of quality finish. And the added 9.875 inches of drum capacity doesn't hurt.

Product Features:
- Ideal for medium-duty truck service.
- Extended spindle increases drum capacity to 9.875 inches.
- Three adjustable spindle speeds (if desired) allow for fast turning of small pieces and high-quality turning of larger ones.
- Two feed rates allow for quick rough-cut and finer finish-cut settings.
- Speed control gives operators a quality finish in less time.
- Adjustable-bar twin cutter provides the greatest range of settings from small cars to 5-ton applications

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