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Coats 4050A

Air powered, single-stage center-post tire changer.

The model 4050A sets the industry standard for high-volume center post tire changer design. Modeled after the popular 40-40SA Center Post Tire Changer, the Model 4050A represents the most tried-and-true technology in the business. Featuring single stage operation, a major advantage over competitive two-stage center post machines' the 4050A is super fast and super powerful. All operations - bead loosening, demounting, mounting and inflation - are performed in the same position. The 4050A comes equiped with a generous 7.5 gallon surge tank, 50% larger than other competitive models. The 4050A features a contoured tabletop for proper rim support and state-of-the-art components for quality performance with less effort. Specifications: Rim diameter capacity: 10" - 17.5" Rim width capacity: 19" maximum Tire diameter (maximum outside): 38" Type of drive system: Air Required air source: 110 to 175 psi, 2 hp compressor, 5 SCFM @ 150 PSI

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