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Coats 700 Wheel Balancer

The Coats Model 700 balancer is ideal for cost conscious shops, or shops that occasionally balance wheels.

Standard Features:

  • Efficient, 10 second cycle time with 14 inch wheel
  • One piece pressure cup mounting assembly - 10 turns to tighten
  • Fast, keypad data entry eliminates dials
  • Dynamic, alloy, and static balancing modes
  • Removable shaft for centerless wheels using optional adaptor
  • Space-concious design for small shops and service stations
  • Back up balancer for use during busiest periods
  • Super-fast automatic self-calibration feature
  • Direct-drive allows critical measurements to be taken while wheel is coasting
  • Interference from electric motor/pulley noise is eliminated
  • Hardened cones to prevent grooves and wear
  • No pulleys or belts to adjust, wear, slip, or break
  • Minimum of moving parts to maintain
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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