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Hunter Auto 28

Leverless Center-Clamp Tire Changer

Product Features:

  • Leverless Tool Head
    - Lifts bead without use of levers
    - Ultra thin for maximum bead protection
  • Accessory Storage
    - Side storage tray keeps accessories within easy reach
  • Mount/Demount Rollers
    - Gently roll bead from rim
    - Help index wheels for match-mounting
    - Allows operator to work in upright position
  • Center-Clamp Design
    - Handles wide range of diameters
    - Cam plate multiplies clamp force
  • Motor and Drive
    - 850 ft-lbs. of torque
    - Variable speed up to 15 rpm
  • Bead Press Arm
    - Aids mounting and demounting
    - Linked to rollers for simple operation
  • Side-Mounted Bead Loosener
    - Familiar side-shovel design with standard protector sleeve
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