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Hunter Auto 34

Easiest operation in its class!

Product Features:

  • Leverless Tool Head
    - Positions bead without levers
    - Prevents damage to tire and rim
  • Push-Button Controls
    - Simple, three-button control
    - Easiest operation in its class
  • Diameter Control
    - Operates all diameter functions from a single point
    - Retains diameter until reset
  • Wheel Support Plate
    - Handles wide range of wheels
    - Provides extra gripping force
    - Three adjustable work heights
  • Quick Clamp with Cam Plate
    - Safely secures wheel through hub
    - Speeds clamping process
  • Electric Motor
    - Exerts over 850 foot-pounds of torque
    - Variable speed
  • Mount/Demount Rollers
    - Gently rolls bead from rim
    - No rim contact
  • Bead Press Arm
    - Helps mount difficult tires
    - Holds sidewalls into drop-center position
  • Blast Inflator
    - Directs bursts of air to help seat bead
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