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Hunter BL505 Brake Lathe

Choice of Brake Lathe Tooling Positive rake tooling ships standard with all lathe packages; negative rake tooling is available as an option
Hunter Pro Self-Aligning Wrenchless Arbor Nut Allows for quick setup while removing risk of potential overtightening and minor mounting errors.

Build a HunterPro Lathe Package to match your service needs. Select a required adaptor kit from the list below to service most rotors, drums and flywheels.

Product Features:
- Simple Operating Controls
- Disc/Drum Control Lockout and Warning Indicator Light
- Infinitely Adjustable Feed Rate
- “Dial-In” fast rate for rapid material removal
-Convenient Tool Tray
- Easy-To-Access Spindle Speeds
- Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction
- Easy-To-Use Clamp Screw
- Twin Work Lamps

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