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Hunter DSP7705 Wheel Balancer

Hunter's DSP7705 wheel balancer is perfect for the quality-conscious, economically oriented shop with a lower volume of service.

Product Features:

  • Rugged Economy Balancer
    - Easily handles extra-wide specialty wheels
    - Services up to 150-lb. wheels repeatedly without overheating
  • Easy-to-use display panel speeds balancing
    - Balancing input display
    - Operations placard
    - Wheel dimension entry
    - Soft key controls
    - Weight placement display
  • Split Spoke & Split Weight Modes
    - Offers multiple weight choices
    - Automatically locates the best out-of-sight position on custom wheels
  • Automatic Inner Dataset Arm
    - Provides automatic "direct measure" for alloy wheel modes
    - Eliminates manual data entry errors
  • CenteringCheck Verification
    - Provides automatic "direct measure" for alloy wheel modes
    - Eliminates the #1 cause of comebacks
  • Servo Stop Drive Control
    - Automatically rotates and holds wheel at optimal weight-application position
    - Saves time and increases balancing accuracy

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