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Hunter ForceMatch HD

Hunter's first off the vehicle, heavy duty wheel balancer and force matching system.

Product Features:

  • Load Roller
    - Roller detects high spot of tire and allows matching
    - Measures entire contact patch for accurate results
  • Bottom-Dead-Center Laser
    - Speeds tape-weight placement
    - Improves accuracy
  • SmartWeight
    - Odometer tracks savings
    - Minimizes weight usage
    - Maximizes productivity
  • Dataset Arms
    - Auto-select balancing mode
    - Perform runout measurement on rim
  • Wheel Lift
    - Easily lift wheels assemblies up to 500 lbs.
    - Aids proper mounting
  • CenteringCheck
    - Ensures proper centering
    - Eliminates setup errors
  • Balance any size wheel
    - Service cars and light- trucks
    - Uses standard adaptors
  • Printer Option
    - Prints service report
    - Explain results to customer
  • HammerHead Option
    - Speeds clip-weight placement
    - Improves balance

  • Benefits of SmartWeight Technology:

  • Provides the best ride quality through an optimized dynamic wheel balance
  • Minimizes amount and visibility of balancing weights to enhance wheel appearance
  • Reduces waiting time of balancing service
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