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Hunter HawkEye Elite

Hunter's HawkEye Elite Wheel Aligner: Greater profit and productivity through innovation.

  • New adaptor design.
    -Faster setups.
    -No metal to metal contact.
    -No knob twisting.
  • New target design.
    -Lighter design, narrower profile & faster readings.
  • Four high resolution cameras provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy.
  • QuickComp allows you to compensate all wheels and capture initial measurements in one motion.
  • Recall OE specs and vehicle-specific alignment procedures instantly.
  • CodeLink directly "links" the vehicle OBD-II to the aligner to reset steering system sensors, as required by the manufacturer.
  • New console design with integrated storage and charging for popular accessories.

  • Codelink:

  • Automatically identifies candidate vehicles.
  • Incorporates reset steps into the alignment.
  • Uses aligner screen to display instructions.
  • Updates automatically with system software upgrades.
  • Dedicated alignment tool.
  • No other reset tool matches CodeLink's patented integration with the alignment procedure.
  • Guarantees precision with exact steering system sensor thresholds.
  • Reduces errors that result in customer comebacks.
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