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Hunter OCL410 and OCL430MD Brake Lathes

Today’s sensitive vehicles, evolving brake components and the increase of hubbed rotors on Sport Utility Vehicles demand different service procedures and equipment. Although bench lathes will continue to serve a primary role, they are no longer the only lathe needed in today’s professional brake shop.

New Anti Chatter Technology (ACT) feature oscillates the machining speed of the lathe and eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining at a fixed speed. Provides a smoother finish that prevents pedal pulsation - the number one cause of brake service customer “comebacks”.

Fixed-speed lathes can “tune in” to the natural frequency of a rotor during machining, causing vibration (chatter) and a poor surface finish.

With the push of a button, ACT begins oscillating the spindle speed of the lathe, eliminating chatter and resulting in a smooth surface finish.

ServoDrive Variable Drive System Speeds Brake Service! The patented ServoDrive variable drive system enables technicians to service rotors in half the time of other on-car lathes by providing variable speed and rotational torque during compensation and machining. Technicians can resurface rotors at the fastest possible speed and change speeds on the fly. The ServoDrive system allows service of rear locking differentials popular on light trucks and SUVs without the need to remove or disengage drive line components.

he OCL430MD is now available for Medium Duty Truck Service.

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