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Hunter QuickMatch

The Hunter QuickMatch features SmartWeight, Runout Measurement, TPMSpecs, TranzSaver, & a HammerHead Option!

Product Features:

  • SmartWeight
    - Odometer tracks savings
    - Minimizes weight usage
    - Maximizes productivity
  • Bottom-Dead-Center Laser
    - Speeds tape-weight placement
    - Improves accuracy
  • Runout Measurement
    - Roller detects high spot of tire
    - Entire contact patch is measured, ensuring accurate results
  • TPMSpecs
    - View reset procedures
    - Updateable database
  • CenteringCheck
    - Ensures proper centering
    - Eliminates setup errors
  • Balance Cycle Time
    - Fastest floor-to-floor balancing time
  • Servo Stop Drive Control
    - Automatically rotates and holds wheel at top-dead-center or bottom-dead-center weight locations.
    - Saves time and increases accuracy
  • Automatic Mode Detection
    - Eliminate the need to select the balance mode and reduce service time and possible mode entry errors.
    - No need to push buttons
  • TranzSaver
    - Compares tire circumferences as specified by OEs to prevent damage to AWD vehicles.
    - Prevents costly mistakes
  • Printer Option
    - Prints service record
    - Sell and perform TPMS work
  • HammerHead Option
    - Speeds clip-weight placement
    - Improves balance
  • Wheel Lift Option
    - Easily lift wheel assemblies up to 175 lbs.
    - Aids proper mounting
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