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Hunter RX10

Hunter 10,000lb. Scissor Lift Rack

  • RX10:

    Max Vehicle Weight 10,000 lbs.
  • Features:
    • Extra wide 24 runways for easy vehicle positioning
    • Integrated airline kit is a convenient air source for tools at front and rear.
    • Two movable, lightweight work steps with 12 secure positions.
    • Louvered approach ramps prevent wheel spin in wet conditions and are more effective than diamond tread or abrasive strips.
    • Control panel offers complete operation from the console with optional PowerSlide, Inflation station and FIA control.
    • Chromed pins and Teflon bearings for long life.
    • Safety locks with precision-fit teeth lock runways at 16 level height positions.
    • Velocity Safety Fuses offer instantaneous shutdown in event of hydraulic failure.
    • Sensor feedback system keep runway level and safely stops if obstructed.
    • Two 6,000-lb. swing air jacks.
    • Stainless steel turnplates are corrosion resistant and maintain free movement.
    • Fast Descent Speed: The hydraulic system speeds lowering times by 50%. The system automatically slows the descent in the last several inches to ensure a soft landing. The fast descent feature is standard with Inflation Station (IS) models.

    Optional Powerslide System for Hunter RX Lifts

    -Locks slipplates and turnplates with the touch of a button or automatically through an FIA-equipped aligner.
    -No more struggles with lock pins.
    -Avoid wear and tear and extend the life of your turnplates.
    -Minimize trips around the car.

    Optional Inflation Station for Hunter RX Lifts

    -Includes PowerSlide slipplates and turnplates.
    -Automatically inflate all four tires simultaneously.
    - Record staring and final pressure.
    -Hose recoils to keep work area clear.

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