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Hunter Revolution

Fully automatic & easy to use.

Product Features:

  • Fully Automatic
    - Same procedure for all tires and wheels
    - Operator experience no longer a factor
  • Leverless Tool Head
    - Demounts without levers
    - Prevents damage to tire and rim
  • "Go" Pedal Control Progress
    - Press "GO" to make selection
    - Hold "GO" to allow sequence to advance automatically
    - Release "GO" to pause at any time
  • Space Saving Wheel Lift
    - Spindle lifts tire directly into position
    - Built-in wheel lift reduces overall footprint
  • Powered Press Arms
    - Mount virtually any tire
    - Powered for maximum control
  • Animations & Videos
    - Animations train operator "on the job"
    - Video training for new users
    - Video library of special procedures
  • Touchscreen Interface
    - The display shows the operator's current step and monitors progress. Interactions with screen are generally not required. When needed, slide out menus guide the operator through procedure.
  • Fast Inflation Saves Time- Inflation station automatically fills tire to desired pressure.
    - 33% faster than traditional foot pedal inflation systems
    - Target air pressure is adjusted on screen
    - Operator stands back from inflation process

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