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Hunter Road Force Touch- GSP9700

Now with more speed, touchscreen interface, eCal Auto-Calibration, Auto-Up Hood, & BullsEye Centering System!

Product Features:

  • Perform a Road Force test and balance faster than a traditional balancer.
  • Touchscreen interface.
    -Intuitive interface
    -Quickly train new technicians
  • eCal Auto-Calibration
    -True "self-calibration"
    -No operator input required
  • Diagnostic Load Roller
    -Solves vibration problems
    -Identifies vehicle pulls
    -Provides "new car ride"
  • Auto-Up Hood
    -Saves time
    -Speeds operation
  • CenteringCheck
    -Ensures proper centering
    -Eliminates setup errors
  • SmartWeight
    -Improve balance
    -Minimizes weight usage
    -Maximizes productivity
  • On-Demand Videos
    -Simplify training
    -Improve results
  • BullsEye Centering System
    -Optimize centering
    -Prevent wheel damage
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