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Hunter TC3700

The World Standard in Performance Wheel and Tire Handling

Product Features:

  • Tilted Ergonomic Design
    - Complete operation performed from one position
    - Unobstructed access to the lower bead eases lubrication
  • Moveable Rear Column
    - Adjustable to handle up to 50-inch diameter tires
  • Bead Roller System
    - Gently loosens beads
    - Perform all bead loosening from an upright position
  • Wheel Protection
    - Polymer mount/demount head resists marring of rims
  • Motor & Drive
    - 15- and 7- rpm clockwise speeds, 15 rpm counterclockwise speed
    - 850 ft-lbs. of torque
  • Bead Press Arm
    - Assists mounting difficult assemblies
    - Standard on TC3715, optional on TC3710.
  • PowerOut Bead Loosener
    - Ergonomic control handle makes large assembly service easy
    - Familiar side shovel design with standard protector sleeve
  • Center Clamp and Adjustable Clamp Support
    - Simple clamping technique for all designs
    - Cam action multiplies clamping force
    - No need for flange plates
    - Three height positions
    - Protection provided for reverse designs
    - Adjustable column for maximum diameter range
  • Blast Inflation Makes Inflation Easy
    - Directs bursts of compressed air to easily seat the bead
  • Match Mounting Made Easy
    - Hunter's TC3700 and Road Force Touch GSP9700 wheel balancer eliminate vibration problems, reduce comebacks and increase customer satisfaction.
    - The bead rollers safely hold the tire stationary while the rim is rotated to complete match-mounting
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