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Hunter TCX53

Conventional Tire Changer with Bead Press System

Product Features:

  • Heavyweight
    - Heaviest model in its class
    - Long service lift
  • Class-Leading Rigidity
    - Rigid chassis reduces damage risk and operator effort
  • PowerOut Bead Loosener
    - Most powerful bead breaker in its class
    - Fingertip control eases service of large assemblies
    - Three-way adjustable for best rim fit
    - Shovel protectors standard
  • Easy-to-Use Adjustable Tabletop
    - Built-in adjustment system provides 10- to 26-in. clamping range
    - All jaws adjust simultaneously for mistake-free clamping
    - Polished tabletop for easy cleanup
    - Hi-grip jaw covers add mounting torque and protect wheels
    - Diameter marks aid external clamping
  • More Torque
    - Unique 110V or 220V motor generates more torque than popular air or electric models
  • More Speed
    - Faster than popular alternatives- increases productivity
    - Electric tabletop doesn't slow down under load like air motors
  • Conventional Configuration
    - Polymer head for mounting and demounting
    - Steel head with polymer insert for wheel protection
  • Leverless Configuration (Coming Soon!)
    - Locks diameter at any position, hand-screw adjustments optional
    - Tapered design works with raised-spoke rims
    - Lifts bead without use of levers
  • Bead Press System
    - The bead press system speeds and eases clamping, lubricating, demounting and mounting tough wheel and tire combinations.
    - The patented design centers on the wheel to simplify operation.
    - Clamping assistance when needed: Pneumatic press cones and extension ease external wheel clamping.

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