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Hunter TCX575 and TCX565

Advanced Conventional Tire Changing Systems

Product Features:

  • Bead Press System
    - Tremendous power and control
    - Aids mounting and demounting
    - Auto-centering simplifies operation
  • Locking Lower Arm
    - Helps demount heavy and difficult tires
    - Assists match-mounting
  • Tabletop Clamp
    - 12-30 in. clamping range
    - Measurement marks ease clamping
    - Twin-cylinder actuators exert more clamping force than single-cylinder designs.
  • Swing-Arm Column
    - Saves space over tilt-column designs
    - Locks rim diameter and width measurements for same-sized wheels
  • Leverless Tool Head
    - Lifts bead without use of levers
    - Relieves bead stress
    - Traditional head option
  • PowerOut Bead Loosener
    - Fingertip control makes large assembly service easy
  • Motor & Drive
    - Powerful 220V high-torque motor
    - Two-speed forward drive
  • Wheel Lift
    - Optional wheel lift eases servicing of large assemblies. Allows for more careful handling of expensive wheels.
  • TCX565 Standard Head Alternative
    - Hunter's TCX565 Tire Changer has all the power of the TCX575 with the choice of a polymer or steel traditional tool head
    - A perfect match for the traditionalist who wants big power in a low-tech package.

  • Dynamic Bead Press System

    - The Bead Press System speeds and eases clamping, lubricating, demounting and mounting the toughest wheel and tire combinations. The exclusive system centers the wheel and tire to ensure maximum service strength and rigidity.
  • Clamping Assistance when needed
    -Wheel press cones and extension arm simplify external clamping when servicing low-profile tires.
  • Demounting: Integrated Tools Easy Labor
    - Tapered rollers assist in bead lubrication and ease demounting
    - The bottom roller disc reloosens tire beads and lifts the tire up the wheel barrel during demounting.
  • Mounting: Difficult Processes Made Easy
    - Rising cam action smoothly guides the bead through mounting
    - A single bead press roller disc with rotating arm can quickly mount and demount stiff sidewall tires
    - Working with rotating arm, the fixed bead press arm adds additional force to service the most extreme low-profile tires and deep drop-center wheels.
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