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Hunter TCX620HD

Compact-Design Optimized for Over-the-Road Truck Tires & Rims

Product Features:

  • Spindle Head
    - The spindle head raises and lowers using simple controls to lift the wheel and accommodate varying wheel sizes.
  • Twin Rollers
    - Twin rollers quickly and easily bread beads, demount and mount tires without damage to the tire or rim. There is no need to change out tools during wheel service, except when conducting special service operations.
  • Hydraulic-Powered Carriage
    - The hydraulic-powered carriage shuttles the wheel sideways and positions it on the spindle. This eliminates manual lifting and positioning of the wheel assembly, helping to prevent operator fatigue and potential for injury.
  • Standard Accessories
    - Standard accessories will service tubed and supersingle wheels. Accessories are available to handle more difficult-to-service wheel assemblies. Integral storage ensures accessibility and ease of use.
  • Control Box
    - All power operations are controlled from a single control box. The control box arm pivots allowing the technician to move about the tire changer as needed during service procedures.
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