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Hunter TCX640HD

The Hunter TCX640HD is an efficient electro-hydraulic-powered tire changer that combines a range of unique features and capabilities to make wheel service for trucks, buses, tractors, and other specialized machinery faster, easier and more profitable.

Product Features:

  • Power Pump
    - Runs only when the tire changer is in use for more efficient operation and reduction of associated costs
  • Spindle Head
    - Heavy-duty spindle head with 3,500-lb. capacity raises and lowers, lifting the wheel into position
  • Tulip System
    - Provides universal, self-centering, standard clamping capacity of 14 to 46 inches. Two Speed check rotation operates clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  • Tool Head
    - Tools head includes standard disk and hook for bead loosening, mounting and demounting tires. The hook tool folds out of the way when now in use. Standard and optional tool heads are quickly and easily changed out.
  • Hydraulic-Powered Carriage
    - Shuttles the wheel sideways and positions it on and off of the tulip clamping chuck
  • Tool Storage
    - Conveniently located on the tire changer base, increasing operating efficiency and helping prevent damage and loss.
  • Pedestal Control Unit
    - Positionable anywhere around the tire changer for maximum visibility of operations, safety and efficiency
    - Hand and foot controls actuate multiple operations for delicate bead breaking, mounting and demounting, minimizing the potential for tire or rim damage.
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