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Hunter WinAlign HD

Hunter's new DSP760T heavy-duty alignment sensors reduce setup time and provide accurate alignment readings.

Product Features:

  • Rolling compensation
    - No jacking required.
    - Compensate all sensors at once.
    - Short roll comp.
  • Six sensors live
    - Three axles live.
    - See all measurements at once.
    - Diagnose tire wear conditions.
    - Reduce setup time through minimal sensor movement.
  • Truck Pusher
    - Easily move vehicle for rolling comp.
    - Rechargeable battery.
    - Doubles as a wheel chock.
  • Fully integrated alignment
    - Auto-locking turnplates.
    - Built-in turnplate bridges for rolling comp.
  • Cordless Operation
  • Rugged
    - Integrated electronic components enhance reliability.
    - Lightweight, rubberized design.
    - Impact-prone areas protected by integrated rubber bumpers.
  • Self-centering adaptors
    - High versatility for trucks & buses with low-hanging bumpers or air dams.
    - Fits wheels 15-28 inches in diameter.
  • Trailer alignment
    - Align without unhooking from tractor.
    - Align using optional kingpin adaptor without tractor.
    - Accurate to 600 inches.
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