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Mondolfo 3200-3D

Smaller Cabinet- fully automatic data entry.

Product Features:

  • Three parameter data entry is as simple as touching left and right side arms to the wheel flange and data is entered automatically.
  • Software includes 5 ALU programs for Tape or Clip weight application.
  • Operator can program the balancer to accept weights at 12:00, 3:00, or 6:00 o'clock dependent on your preferred application location.
  • Reduced cabinet size minimizes floor footprint required.
  • Standard equipment includes 40mm shaft, 4 cone mounting system, wheel safety hood, Haweka quick nut, captured back spring, side cabinet with adaptor storage pegs.
  • Optional wheel lift handles heavy tire and wheel configurations eliminating risk of back strain.
  • Includes 'Shift Plane' allowing operator to change the location of weight to reduce amount required.
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