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Mondolfo 912HP

Swing Arm High Performance- Simplicity with Max Performance

Product Features:

  • Adding the versatile RPX pneumatic bead assist to the left side of the M-912 or M-914 creates the 'HP' models offering the ultimate Economy High Performance tire changer.
  • Controlled pneumatically from a top mounted 'joy stick' control panel, the HP models provide tremendous versatility in manipulating difficult tires.
  • The RPX bead assist features a multi-pivot point arm for depressing the bead and holding it in the drop center during remount.
  • Multi-pivot point arm is also equipped with a large roller useful in rolling difficult beads back on during remount.
  • Bottom 'lift roller' aids in holding the tire up while securing the lower bead during dismount.
  • RPX pneumatic bead assist is offered as standard on all HP models or may be added to existing M-912 or M-914 models already in service.
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