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OTC Genisys Scan Tool

If you're frustrated trying to read and understand the text displays on conventional scan tools, then the advanced Genisys Scan-tool will be a real eye-opener. Only Genisys gives you the diagnostic data, detail and color display that lets you work quickly to repair customer vehicles.

Standard Features:

  • New Asian and European coverage added for component wiring, circuit descriptions, component and control module locations
  • Engine, transmission, and ABS systems covered
  • Domestic, Asian, and
  • European vehicle coverage for vehicles on the road today
  • Powerful diagnostics software automatically detects out of range readings and describes the vehicle system most likely to be causing the condition
  • Now two powerful scan tools in one-System 2.0 and Global OBD II Modes
  • System 2.0 allows you to boot the tool in two modes
  • Genisys supports wireless printing with its optional infra red printer No. 3157. The genisys also supports existing OTC Monitor cables

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