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Pro Cut PFM 9.2 Family

The PFM 9.2 DRO base unit is the midsized lathe with all the bells and whistles including fixed-post trolley, speed-lock cutting head, and electronic reporting that monitors lathe use, efficiency, and ROI.

Product Details:
NEW DRO (Digital Run-Out) "Live"! Every new PFM 9.2-5 now comes with a precision matched on-board rate sensor and a "Live" digital run-out display to increase accuracy and help verify that you get a "Perfect Brake Job. Every Time!" DRO also includes ROI tracking capability to validate your investment. Also included is out exclusive Speed-Lock cutting head with "all hand lever" locking for speed, accuracy and smoother cuts.

How 9.2 Family Works:
1. Tech installs adapter to vehicle, then lathe to adapter by hand tightening with draw bar knob.
2. Tech turns on lathe and presses one button to compensate for lateral run-out.
3. Tech centers cutting head over rotor and, bolts down cutting head with Speed-Lock lever, sets depth of cut and sets stop cam.
4. Tech depresses clutch, setting cut in motion. When cut is complete removes lathe and adapter.

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