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Pro Cut Warthog

The Pro-Cut Warthog Rotor Matching System is arguably the most rugged on-car lathe in the world. It was engineered to cut the biggest vehicles and withstand the most rigorous use, and its modular design lends itself to fast and simple maintenance and repair. In short, the Warthog might be the last on-car lathe you ever buy.

Product Details:
The Pro-Cut Warthog Rotor Matching System is one rugged machine. Direct drive PTO with 98% more torque than our standard models. Massive Main Spindle Roller Bearings for stability & strength. Speed-Lock Cutting Head with hardened tool steel cutting arms cut cast iron with ease. Our commercial duty unit for larger vehicles and high volume shops.

How the Warthog Works:
1. Tech installs adapter to vehicle, then lathe to adapter by hand tightening with draw bar knob.
2. Tech turns on lathe and presses one button to compensate for lateral run-out.
3. Tech centers cutting head over rotor and locks down cutting head with Speed-Lock lever, sets depth of cut and sets stop cam.
4. Tech depresses clutch, setting cut in motion.
5. When cut is complete, removes lathe and adapter.

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