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RTI ATX-2-PS Combination Fluid Exchanger

Combination Unit: Automatic Transmission Fluid & Power Steering Fluid Exchange. Two services, one machine!

ATX-2 (Automatic Transmission) Features:

  • Fully automatic and simple operation
  • Leading accuracy; digital weight scale eliminates inaccuracies
  • Multi fluid capability; easily change fluid types
  • Diagnostics; integrated pressure gauge measures transmission pressure
  • Patented vehicle protection; bypass circuit protects transmission in the event of power outage
  • Comprehensive adapter system; color-coded, quick connect adapters
  • Choice of the world’s largest service chains for performing transmission fluid exchanges
  • PSX-1 (Power Steering) Features:
  • Multi-fluid capability Fast, accurate, dual pump operation
  • Quick and profitable, complete service time in 10-15 minutes average
  • Simpler operation-just flip a switch and begin exchanging fluid
  • Clear two-channel hose, provides excellent new versus used fluid visual
  • Clean operation- hose end caps prevent fluid spill

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