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RTI ATX-3 Transmission Fluid Exchanger

The first transmission fluid machine to offer fully automatic operation using an accurate exchange process as well as offer the dipstick tube exchange service option.


  • Fully Automatic Operation- Press the fluid amount you wish to exchange and walk away. Audible and visual alerts when exchange is complete. Averages only 2-5 minutes!
  • Leading Accuracy- Digital weight scale technology provides true fluid mass measurement and eliminates inaccuracies due to fluid viscosity or temperature.
  • Mulit Fluid Capability- Easily change fluid types. Remove one type of fluid from the machine with the push of a button and replace with another type. Seperate drain hose eliminates contamination of fluid.
  • Rapid Exchange- Large fill pump provides new fluid quickly. Precision mass measurement fills accurately and eliminates the need to adjust fluid level after exchange.
  • Leading Exchange Percentage- Proportional motor control prevents fluid turbulence and mixing to provide effective displacement of old fluid.
  • Fluid Flow Direction Indication- Automatically indicates if you are hooked up to the vehicle correctly. Audible alert and light signal technician to reverse hoses if necessary.
  • Mobility- Large pneumatic wheels for ease of movement.
  • Simple Operation- Electronic keypad with clean logical layout provides intuitive interface.
  • Patented Vehicle Protection- Special patented bypass circuit transmission in the even of power outage.
  • Comprehensive Adapter System- Color coded, quick connect adapters with convenient reference chart makes vehicle hook up quick and easy.
  • Professional Appearance- Impressive looking machine with colorful keypad, light emitting diodes, and “new versus used” fluid comparison impresses customers and helps sell your service.
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