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RTI PSX-1 Power Steering Fluid Exchanger

Offer Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service with this Fast, Reliable and Easy to Operate Machine.

Standard Features:

  • Multi-fluid capability quick and easy changeover between different power steering fluid types
  • Fast, accurate, dual pump operation
  • Quick and profitable, complete service time averages 5 to 10 minutes
  • Provides professional, thorough exchange of fluid
  • Easy service hook-up direct interface with power steering fluid reservoir
  • Easy mobility 4 durable, swivel casters
  • Simple operation just flip a switch and begin extracting or adding fluid
  • High quality, positive displacement diaphragm pumps require no priming, and are designed for years of operation
  • Clear two-channel hose, provides excellent new versus used fluid visual
  • Convenient shelf for storage and small footprint saves valuable shop space
  • Professional appearance helps sell legitimate OEM recommended service Clean operation hose end caps prevent fluid spill
  • Lifetime toll-free tech support One year warranty

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