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RTI Tech Alert

RTI TechALERT. Technician Productivity Enhancement Technology. It just makes sense - the key to increased productivity is to keep technicians and their machines continually performing value-added work.

Standard Features:

  • Increase a shopís value added effort - keeps the workforce engaged in direct servicing functions and helps increase car service volume per day.
  • Puts the technician in charge - provides instantaneous function status of RTI equipment during operation.
  • Up to four machines compatible - one technician can monitor up to four RTI machines simultaneously to maximize his/her productivity.
  • Several technicians can share and independently synchronize to the same machine - keeps high demand service machines in constant use to generate maximum revenue.
  • Made from hi-strength composite material
  • Impact and chemical resistant housing
  • Ergonomically shaped and lightweight for a ease-of-handling and use
  • Four easy-to-see LEDís
  • Sealed activation button
  • Internal wireless synchronization sensor

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