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Spectrum Series Fluid Inventory Control

Spectrum 100 and Spectrum 50 models available.

Standard Features:

  • Spectrum 100 Capacity: up to 4 fluids to 16 stations, 2 fluids to 32 stations, or 1 fluid to 64 stations
  • Spectrum 50 Capacity: up to 2 fluids to 12 stations, or 1 fluid to 24 stations
  • Electronic queuing of up to five dispenses per fluid
  • Automated priority assignment of dispense in the queue
  • Optional data interface with host PC plus self-contained database interpreter software (Spectrum 100 only) OR Optional job ticket printer capable of printing a record of each transaction, as well as daily and monthly historic dispense-log reports
  • Self-test disgnostic procedure at each power-up of the system
  • PIN identification of up to 32 operators with separate protected ID for up to 5 program management functions
  • Tank level management including current tank level, tank capacity, and tank low-level alert
  • Small console footprint: 7 L x 5 W x 1-3/8 H
  • 24 volt DC power
  • Fluid measurement: pints, quarts, gallons, or liters Service fluids: motor oils, synthetics, ATF, gear oil, anti-freeze
  • Preprogrammed and tested before leaving the factory

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