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Ben Pearson BP-79 Pipe Bender

If you're looking for a powerful bender that's got the features you need to get the job done, take a long look at the BP-79 from Ben Pearson. It'll give you all the power you need at an affordable price.

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Ben Pearson MB-97 Pipe Bender

If you were under the impression that you had to invest a lot of cash to get a solid bender, loaded with the features you need, we're about to prove you wrong. Just check out the automatic features on Ben Pearson's MB-97 -- automatic depth of bend, automatic ram retraction, automatic motor cut-off, and that's just the beginning list of features.

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Ben Pearson MC-59 Pipe Bender

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the MC-59 pipe bender leads the industry in operator convenience features --- 180 degree bend on 5" radius, 3" bending capability and a rugged electrical and hydraulic system that will perform over the long haul. The MC-59 from Ben Pearson is truly the "TOP GUN" in the exhaust service repair industry.

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