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ADG LW-100 Brake Lathe

Machine shop performance in an economy package.

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ADG LW-200 Brake Lathe

Infinite variable feed speeds, four arbor speeds...the ultimate in machining versatility.

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Ammco 4000

It's simple. It's fast. It's very precise. AMMCO combination brake lathes support rotors or drums using a standard one inch arbor. And like all AMMCO brake lathes, it almost never breaks down. It's no wonder that the 4000B has been a favorite of brake technicians everywhere since its introduction five decades ago.

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Ammco 4000sp

It's more efficient than ever because it integrates single speed spindle and feed rates for one pass precision finishes. Technicians can turn standard work quicker and easier. The 4000-SP uses positive rake toolbits for quality cuts you can see, time after time. The result of this simplification is one of the most accurate, durable, and easy-to-use machines you could ever put into your shop.

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Ammco 4100B

The 4100B expands on the 4000B, initially introduced four decades ago. Since then, it has been the primary choice for brake technicians who manage a large quantity of medium-duty trucks. And for good reason. It's simple. It's fast. It's very precise. The speed control allows technicians to fit in more customers each day without loss of quality finish. And the added 9.875 inches of drum capacity doesn't hurt.

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Hunter BL505 Brake Lathe

Choice of Brake Lathe Tooling Positive rake tooling ships standard with all lathe packages; negative rake tooling is available as an option
Hunter Pro Self-Aligning Wrenchless Arbor Nut Allows for quick setup while removing risk of potential overtightening and minor mounting errors.

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