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Hunter OCL410 and OCL430MD Brake Lathes

Today’s sensitive vehicles, evolving brake components and the increase of hubbed rotors on Sport Utility Vehicles demand different service procedures and equipment. Although bench lathes will continue to serve a primary role, they are no longer the only lathe needed in today’s professional brake shop.

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Pro Cut PFM 9.2 Family

The PFM 9.2 DRO base unit is the midsized lathe with all the bells and whistles including fixed-post trolley, speed-lock cutting head, and electronic reporting that monitors lathe use, efficiency, and ROI.

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Pro Cut Warthog

The Pro-Cut Warthog Rotor Matching System is arguably the most rugged on-car lathe in the world. It was engineered to cut the biggest vehicles and withstand the most rigorous use, and its modular design lends itself to fast and simple maintenance and repair. In short, the Warthog might be the last on-car lathe you ever buy.

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